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I wanted to share that we were very impressed with the Cruise Director Matt Mitcham and Captain Battinelli especially -- as well as the staff of the (Carnival) Vista.

We booked a 6 day cruise and cruised for 9. We are sitting in the airport now waiting on our flight home. Communications were frequent during the storm and everyone was informed of the Captains plan. Announcements were even made in other languages. We were never in rough waters, the service and food was consistently good. The cruise director was the most energetic and charismatic that I have seen in 7 cruises! Although we were praying for residents affected by the storm, we were still able to rest and have fun. I have not danced that much in 11 years! He is a true asset to Carnival. I know he is a well rounded person after I left the 911 service honoring veterans teary eyed. I hope Carnival continues this recognition.

I have a background in risk management / I would rate them an A. It was seamless and I appreciated being able to make calls home, and being able to stay on the ship last night after porting, because there were no hotels available. We are talking to a couple now that spent the night at the Ft. Lauderdale Airport/ they had to leave their Royal Caribbean ship last night. During the extended time, the food was good with new menus and the service continued to be excellent!

We are planning our next cruise now, thinking about Alaska, wish we could get the same Captain and Cruise Director.

Thank you Carnival!

We booked through LettesGo - Arlette Foster

From guest winddawn on

If I were in your shoes, I'd make final payment without hesitation and make up my mind that I'm going and will have fun no matter what changes may be in store.

That's what cruising is all about--being laid back, going with the flow, embracing whatever each day offers, and taking satisfaction from knowing you left a few dollars behind in places where they're needed. Personal satisfaction may end up coming from knowing that you were able to call in an affected port and had the privilege of leaving behind much needed revenue for island locals.

And then after that, being able to lay your head down at night with the satisfaction of knowing you made a difference that day by supporting locals struggling to regain their way of life through your tourism dollars. I can remember being on the first cruise that called in Grand Turk after a hurricane and what a difference was made in that one day by crew and passengers pitching in to clean up beach debris and spending money after to support the locals.