St. Lucia

History is replete with examples of Caribbean resiliency. Together, as small island states, we continue to overcome challenges and the recent spate of hurricanes in the region will bond us even further. At the core of our bond is the importance of tourism to all of our economies.

Although some of the islands in the Caribbean have been hit hard by Hurricanes Irma and Hurricane Maria, we are a chain of destinations and most of the islands in the Caribbean are very much still open for business.

Your visit to our islands is more important now than ever. By coming to the Caribbean you will be contributing to our assistance to our fellow islands who are still recovering.

Whether you decide to stay with friends, at one of our award-winning hotels, a private villa or you feel like taking a cruise, your stay is a contribution which will help us help our sister islands.

We want to see you on our beaches, take you on a hike through our lush rainforests, we want to sail you to sunset-lit coves and take you on a dive to see our amazing coral reefs. We want you to visit our markets, sample our spices. We want to sit with you and play a game of dominoes and have a local beer!

So plan your vacation with us and remember at the same time you are helping to keep our vital tourism industry alive and well. The Caribbean is ready to give you the best family, romantic or rejuvenating experiences of your life. Thank you for supporting the Caribbean and see you soon!

–Allen Chastanet
Prime Minister, St. Lucia