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US Virgin Islands

Welcoming cruise visitors back to U.S. Virgin Islands is key to our economic recovery. Cruise guests represent a significant share of overall visitors, supporting jobs both within and outside the tourism sector. In partnership with the U.S. government, the Florida-Caribbean Cruise Association and others who have assisted us, our entire community is…(Read More)

St. Maarten

The government of Port St. Maarten are very proud to announce to the world that Port St. Maarten is open for business. Port St. Maarten, like the people of St. Maarten, is resilient in the face of natural disasters like hurricanes Irma and Maria. 2017 has put our capabilities and resilience to the test and…(Read More)

San Juan

For the past few weeks, the PRTC has been collaborating with government agencies and the private sector to provide immediate relief while ensuring the safety of all visitors and residents. The support received to date has been remarkable and we continue to welcome relief efforts from partners who are interested in helping the people of…(Read More)